Frequently Asked Questions

A premium account subscription unlocks the possibility to add images and sounds to your games rather than just text.

You can upload images and sounds from your computer, and even take pictures with your webcam and record audio files directly into the application using your microphone!

You also have a great, easy-to-use editor tool within the app to tweak images and sounds so they are just right for your games.

You can upgrade to a Premium account subscribing to one of our plans through the Microsoft Store.

Press the Upgrade Premium button at the top of the screen and pick a plan.

The Microsoft store panel will take over at this point, and you should follow the on-screen instructions to complete the purchase.

Note that you will need to sign in to your Microsoft account to complete the purchase. Create a Microsoft account here if you don't already have one.

You can cancel your Premium subscription any time from your Microsoft account page.

Sign in with the same Microsoft account you used to buy the subscription and manage your options for Educandy Studio.

Click the menu button on the top right of the screen, then click the My Account link in the side menu to access your Educandy account area. Your username and email are fixed, although you can change your password from this section.

Educandy activities come in three flavours: words, pairs and quizzes. Word activities are simple lists of terms that you want your students to learn and practise (particularly their spellings). For example, you could create a list of key philosophers of the 20th Century. Pairs are lists of words with corresponding correct answers, like a word in French and an English translation, or a historical event and the year it happened. Then, you have quizzes, which are composed of a question, answer and up to three 'red herring' alternative answers.

Each flavour of Educandy activity has a number of games you can play with it. With your word lists, you can play Anagrams, Hangman and Wordsearch. With you pairs, you have Crosswords, Matchup, Memory and Noughts and Crosses available. The quiz game option is Multiple Choice, an exciting, beat-the-clock quick-fire round of questions for your students.

By default, content on Educandy is shared and discoverable by other users, who may find it via the search facility on the site. When creating a game, you also get a direct link to the material you create, which you can share with your students.
The maximum number of items you can add to a word game, pairs activity or quiz is fifty. We hope that this should see you in good stead! Most of the games will choose a random subset of these to play with each turn. For example, the Noughts and Crosses game will select nine pairs items to play with each time it is run.
No, your students do not need an Educandy account to access your content. You simply share the games you create via the handy link on the website, or give them the corresponding eight-digit code to enter on the resource page on the Educandy website.
If you cannot remember your login details, you may reset your password at this page. Please note that password details are encrypted, so must be reset in that way if lost - the team does not have access to them.

If you are using a computer on a school network, it may be the case that your network firewall / security settings are preventing the site from loading certain elements. To remedy this, you should ask your systems administrator to add as a safe / trusted site in your network settings.


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